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Magento eCommerce website development

What comes to your mind when you ask yourself these questions?

  • Platform that will be supported even after a decade from now?
  • Platform having an active community of experienced developers?
  • Platform offering customization according to your business needs?

Magento possesses all that it takes to power a successful eCommece store-open- source nature, emphasis on conversions, and power to attract retailers. It's time to reevaluate your current eCommerce requirements, and give your business enough room to expand by choosing Magento and us.

Let's simplify our Magento eCommerce Store Development
cycle for you

From project discovery to launch – this is how we assist you!

The team at Magnomates has been designing, developing, integrating, supporting and tailoring solutions for your Magento based stores since its inception in 2008.

Our Magento 2 Store Development Services follow agile methodology; we employ version control to manage several developers working on the same assignment, adopt code modularity wherever possible, and implement complex and well-planned testing routine. As a result, when it comes to eCommerce and Magento, we really know our stuff.

Project Discovery & Planning Phase
Project Discovery & Planning Phase

Every successful project is an outcome of a solid foundation. In our project discovery stage, we ensure that the technical legwork is complete, and we’ve gained a good understanding of project requirements to draw correct specifications.

In the planning stage, we develop a breakdown structure of the implementation services for better understanding and management of scope, costs, and timeline – giving a common view of the final delivery.

Project Development Phase

Custom Magento Web Development Phase

The most important phase of project life cycle where all the plans are put to action. We develop an eCommerce technical architecture centering on how different Magento components can be best utilized to meet your business objectives.

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    Customer Experience Design

    We begin by creating the wireframes and mockups, listing down technical design specifications, overall look and feel of the site, front-end elements like Magento page template, style and layout, site navigation, categorization and filters, catalog search functionality, shopping cart and checkout, etc.

  • Magento eCommerce Store Development

    Back-End Admin Experience and Process Design

    We set up rules and specifications for inventory management, data integration, product information management (PIM), order fulfillment, shipping, return and refund systems, marketing & promotions, customer interaction, and custom reports.

  • custom Magento Development

    Standard Platform Setup and Implementation

    We configure the front-end structure of the store, product attributes and categories, transactional emails, payment and shipping methods, fix the tax rules, etc., to ensure glitch-free custom Magento web development.

  • Magento eCommerce Development

    Custom Modules

    We can help you in creating custom modules to extend the core functionality of Magento ranging from repricing, inventory discovery to referral systems, in sync with your unique eCommerce and marketing needs.

  • Magento Website Development

    Building Extensions

    For years, we have worked with Magento Community. Our developers understand the needs of Magento users and can suitably build extensions meeting their requirements. In addition to implementation and bespoke programming for extension, apps, plugins, etc., we can also assist you install, configure and test 3rd party Magento extensions.

  • Custom Magento Web Development


    With the help of Magento 2 store development services, We can help your business to re-platform from an existing store to Magento store, or upgrade to a higher edition of Magento, with more features and scalability.

We keep you in the loop during every phase of project life cycle by providing you with updates, and also taking your inputs from time to time.

Project Integration Phase
Project Integration Phase

Developing a new setup is not all. It is imperative for the new setup to work seamlessly with your already existing systems. Hence, we have developed a powerful and flexible framework for integrating backend system of your store with a wide range of third-party CRMs, in-store POS, ERPs, payment gateway systems, inventory management software like BrightPearl, online email marketing solutions like MailChimp, or eCommerce marketing automation tools like Bronto, Ometria, accounting software, and social networks, etc. To ensure that you have a smooth and unified Magento experience, we integrate your product data with online marketplaces and the rest of your sales channels.

Project Testing Phase
Project Testing Phase

A well thought-out and stringent testing process is crucial to the success of any Magento eCommerce website development project. To perform user acceptance testing, stress testing, etc., we use Magento Testing Framework (MTF) for creating and running functional tests. We follow agile processes for frequent reassessment, feedback and adaptation of the project plan.

Project Launch Phase
Project Launch Phase

A new site’s ongoing success rate can be measured by how correctly the site was launched. We work towards providing you a smooth deployment along with a proven strategy to enhance your search engine rankings.

Project Support Phase
Project Support Phase

Downtime and other site issues can bring your business to standstill and hamper its growth prospects. Hence, we provide you with support and assistance not only during project development phase, but after site’s launch as well.

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No matter how complex or voluminous your Magento eCommerce website development is,
Magnomates has experts who are equipped to take on any challenge with ease.

  • Project Managers

    Project Managers

    Our project managers have hands-on-experience of managing Magento eCommerce website/store development. They make every possible effort to ensure that your projects run smoothly while maintaining proper flow of communication throughout the project cycle.

  • Certified Senior Developers

    Certified Senior Developers

    We have a team of certified developers who follow best coding practices to deliver Magento 2 Store Development services par excellence by creating an efficient, scalable, bug free and successful Magento website.

  • Developers


    Along with certified senior developers we have highly skilled and experienced PHP developers to support the development team and make your project a success.