Integrating Magento With Their ERP System: Why Should Businesses Opt For It

Magento ERP integration services
Based on a survey report by eMarketer, US consumers will be spending nearly $670 billion online at the end of this year, which is predicted to reach $760 billion by 2021.

So, it is evident that the eCommerce industry is evolving with a surge in retail eCommerce sales, especially in the US, wherein shoppers are opting to order online rather than picking their phones to place an order over a call.

It is imperative for businesses that intend to move their business online and enter the eCommerce industry, to choose an appropriate eCommerce platform for themselves.

Why Is Magento The Right Choice For Your eCommerce Business?

A majority of businesses want to pick an eCommerce platform that fulfils their business goals and renders suitable features to cater to their target audience. Some preferred features include:

  • Account onboarding
  • ‘My Account’ page
  • Request for quote
  • Multiple pricing
  • Shipping
  • Payment
  • Sample product ordering
  • Customized product blocks
  • ERP integration
  • Customer group allocation
  • Negotiated pricing terms
  • Quik order
  • Order tracking without login

Now, before you choose a suitable platform for your business, just make sure you consider all the features you might need to cater to your target audience. In fact, when it comes to B2B businesses, Magento has actually been one of the prominent choices for brands like CISCO, Nike, Ford, and more. All these Fortune 500 companies are run on Magento. As opposed to other eCommerce platforms, Magento is well-equipped with best-in-class marketplace extensions, with feature-rich, flexible solutions. It has a global ecosystem of implementation partners, merchants and Magento developers, enabling you to build exemplary shopping experiences. So, Magento is, without a doubt, an excellent choice for B2B businesses.

Magento – The Salient Features

Magento Commerce, as a part of Adobe Commerce Cloud, gives you access to a global ecosystem of Magento developers, merchants and partners to build, scale as well as accomplish growth for every kind of business, however big or small. It was named a worldwide leader in 2019 Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce.

Some of the key features Magento offers are as follows:

  • Visual Merchandising
  • Page Builder
  • Instant Purchase
  • Customer Segmentation and Personalization
  • Dynamic Rule-Based Product Relations
  • Content Staging as well as Preview
  • Elastic Search

The Magento Commerce Cloud comes with the below features:

  • New and advanced ECE-Tools package to manage and deploy stores
  • Simplified build/deploy process management
  • Seamless production deployment and configuration workflow
  • Augmented speed of production deployments
  • A boost in performance
  • Enhanced security through fastly web application firewall
  • Local development template to ease cloud deployments
  • Page speed improvements (20%+) through fast image optimization
  • 100% increase in available memory
  • Keeping tabs on PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance

Apart from Magento, which is the front end of your business, you will also need a back end, i.e., a foundation for your business. The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is that foundation.

Now that you are aware of the features Magento offers, you need to know why actually you require a Magento ERP Integration for your business. Let us throw some light on that.

Why Should You Go For Magento ERP Integration?

Well, the answer is quite simple – To save a great deal of time, cost and effort!

In order to increase the awareness and visibility for your business, it is necessary to automate your data workflows between the Magento and ERP systems. In fact, by simply integrating your ERP system with Magento, you can easily perform specific tasks in a particular system and other applications can catch up automatically. Both systems can interact with each other with minimal human input.

Every business is unique in its own way and calls for a distinct, tailor-made ERP solution. Magento, being a promising B2B customizable eCommerce platform, makes it all the more difficult for a majority of businesses with a lack of automation. Magento ERP integration provides a hybrid cloud integration platform facilitating in managing both the applications at a given time in a single place. Though in B2B businesses, the integration process might involve complex integration touchpoints such as pricing, customer records, invoices, terms, etc., but once it’s done it will be a breezy affair.

Magento ERP Integration – The Benefits

1. Effective inventory Management

Inventory management was previously done manually. But now, with the integration of Magento with the ERP system, the ERP can be easily updated whenever there’s a sale on your Magento store. In addition, this integration will also help in keeping a track of everything as well as plan things well in advance.

2. Increased Customer Satisfaction Levels

Irrespective of the nature of a business, the customer is always the king. And a satisfied customer will keep giving business to you and may ultimately become a product evangelist. At your end, you can only aim to provide a seamless shopping experience by giving your customers access to all product categories, up-to-date stock levels, complete order information, shipping details, etc. Integrating your Magento store with the ERP system will facilitate real-time synchronization of all the data and ensure that the customers don’t have to contact the support team more often.

3. Transparent Processes

With Magento ERP integration, any sales taking place on your Magento store will be reflected in the ERP, and similarly, the stock availability of products in ERP will be updated real-time on your Magento store. This way, it will ensure better transparency and will also be easier for the finance team to prepare correct ledgers, balance sheets, as well as revenue documents.

4. Real-Time Synchronization

With Magento ERP integration, you basically activate the data communication between the systems and ensure real-time synchronization, i.e., whenever any new information (inventory, order, sales, customer) is created or altered in a particular application, it will be instantaneously reflected in the other.

5. Get Rid Of The Bottlenecks

No matter how careful one is, mistakes are bound to happen. The challenges like duplicacy, inaccuracy, or even loss of data are unavoidable. The integration of your Magento store with the ERP system ensures data consistency along with speed and accuracy. In fact, the technology will do away with all the bottlenecks and help in a secure integration process.

Wrapping It Up

Magento is an incredible eCommerce platform that caters to the distinct requirements of your eCommerce business as well as customizations. But, if you intend to transform your eCommerce business, you must not keep your Magento storefront and backend applications (read ERP) in SILOs. Plan your Magento ERP integration and push up your sales in no time.

Magnomates offers outstanding Magento development services to integrate the Magento platform with ERP and bring in more sales from your eStore.

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