Unravelling the Mystery of Magento Web Design

Magento Web Design

According to a study, 48% of people consider a website’s design as the most important factor in determining the credibility of a business. Owning to its importance, checking it and making regular changes plays a significant role in maintaining the contemporary feel of your site and enhancing customer engagement.

Is your website all geared up?

You might be fairly satisfied with the performance of your website, not realizing its further growth potential. It might be lagging behind in terms of one or more designing aspects. In order to figure out your weak areas, undergoing a website audit would be a good option. You can hire Magento developers to ease this process for you.

In addition to the visual appeal of the website, the following core areas play a significant role in evaluating your website for relevance.

Page load time: The indispensable business driver

No matter how attractive your website is, if its takes too long to load, you might lose out a large number of visitors before they even scroll a page or two on your site. If you want to keep your page abandonment rate in check, it is quintessential to ensure that your Magento web design is optimized to load your pages considerably fast.

Hire Magento Developers

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Highly Noticeable Call-to-action

Creating a well-performing site is not all about creating visually attractive and luring experience for the visitors. Giving the right level of emphasis to various elements plays a great role in driving intended results. For instance, there is no point in running offers and discounts if they are not displayed in a highly noticeable manner. Also, your call-to-action should be placed in your Magento website in such a manner that it is right in front of your buyer’s eyes and lures him/her to take the thought-of discourse. You can hire Magento developers to ensure this.

Responsive layout

If you are aiming to take your eCommerce business to far of places, responsiveness is not a choice but the only alternative for you. If you already have a website and wish to enhance its profitability, making it mobile-friendly is probably the first step you should take in the direction of enhancing its reach, thereby boost your sales figures. With Google’s ‘mobile-first index’, if you ignore making your website responsive for too long, you might soon get swiped away by your ‘responsive’ competitors.

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Planning to enhance the profitability of your website? Our Magento web design services can help you in transforming it into a website of your dream. In order to learn more about how we can enhance your business opportunities, you can drop us a line at info@magnomates.com

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