Top Magento eCommerce Development Trends To Watch Out For In 2019

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Magento is making strong waves in the eCommerce industry for all the good reasons. Launched back in 2008, Magento has become a popular open-source eCommerce CMS platform embraced by the world leading brands including BVLGARI, Hermès, Burger King, Coca-Cola, Samsung, Lenovo and millions of other SMEs across the world. The reason behind the rising popularity of Magento is that it offers a high degree of flexibility, scalability, and extensibility.

In this informative post, we will talk about the popular Magento eCommerce store development trends that you should watch out for in 2019. But before that, let’s take a quick recap of the Magento eCommerce scenario in 2018.

Here’s A Quick Throwback to Magento eCommerce in 2018

In 2018, the most anticipated upgrade, Magento 2.3.0 was released on November, 28. This latest release comes with some amazing new features like PHP 7.2 Support, Google reCAPTCHA and Two Factor Authentication, Multi-source Inventory (MSI), Declarative DB Schema, GraphQL Support, Progressive Web App (PWA) Studio, and more. In a nutshell, 2018 was all about improving the user experience and security of Magento stores. For 2019, we have compiled a list of top trends that you should watch out for before you avail Magento store development services from an expert.

Personalized Experiences

When it comes to offering personalized experiences, the first name that comes in the mind of many of us is Google. Right? If you have a Magento powered eCommerce store, you can also offer personalized experiences by providing product recommendations based on your customers’ past shopping experiences or creating discount coupons for specific customers. This will help you ensure that your customers stay loyal to your store and shop from your website over your competitors.

Magento eCommerce Personalized Experiences

Smarter Organic Searches

If you have not paid attention to smarter organic searches, start doing from now. You need to get in touch with an expert who can incorporate intuitive navigation in your website. The smart breadcrumbs, filtering options, and intelligent autocomplete are some of the basic components that make the organic searches smarter and your website content easily accessible.

In 2019, it is expected that smart searching will be a major eCommerce trend. Not only will it improve the shopping experiences of your customers, but it also helps keep them engaged. This will certainly help you achieve more conversions, sales, and profits.

Rise of AI

For the last few years, artificial intelligence (AI) has been in trend for all the good reasons and is actively contributing to the growth of eCommerce stores. 2018 was an amazing year for AI and it seems like in 2019, AI will completely revolutionize the eCommerce world. By leveraging AI, online store merchants can understand the shopping behavior of their customers and target them by offering a personalized shopping experience. Also, it will help merchants to develop targeted marketing to retain the existing customers and acquire the new ones.

Rise of AI


Just like the way visual styles add life to your eCommerce store, storytelling can also have a strong influence on your customers. Also, it adds great value to the customer experience. As a store merchant, it’s your duty to explore the emotional side of content that arouses curiosity in people. With a good story, you can drive more people to make the purchase decisions. In 2019, don’t hesitate to experiment with storytelling as it can drive your eCommerce sales to a whole new level.


Final Words

No matter how rapidly the eCommerce world is evolving, if you choose Magento as your eCommerce store development platform, you will never lag behind – All thanks to its open source technology and a host of features and functionalities. If you need the help of an expert for the development or maintenance of your store, you can seek a free consultation from Magnomates, a leader in Magento website design and development. Connect today by dropping an email to

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