10 Popular Magento Development Trends in 2021

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Magento is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms in the world that is being used by millions and billions of people. The platform has been designed to offer cost-effective e-commerce website development for both small and large size businesses. The e-commerce industry is growing at a good pace, and every year a lot of changes are being introduced both in terms of technology and operations. There are hundreds of CMS available in the market, but Magento is still a preferred choice for most developers and business owners. The reason behind this is that Magento e-commerce development helps in creating and developing highly engaging and interactive websites. Also, Magento offers various advanced features that help the developers in creating attractive and feature-rich e-commerce websites.

There are millions of e-commerce websites that are offering multiple product categories and services, and if you wish to run a successful web store amidst the highly competitive market, then choosing the right e-commerce platform should be your first step. Nowadays, online shoppers prefer to purchase products from e-commerce sites that are capable of providing a consistent, quick, and smooth customer experience. And these are the pain points for most e-commerce start-ups as they fail to provide the much-needed experience that the customers expect. Therefore, choosing the right e-commerce platform for your web store is very important, and this is the only reason why start-ups and entrepreneurs are counting on Magento and seeking better Magento development services to provide the expected customer experience and stay ahead of the market competition.

Also, with the growing competition, increase in product inventory, and the advancement in e-commerce, there is a need for new technologies to take over the existing ones and translate dreams into realities. Customer behavior is changing every other day, and it is the duty of every successful e-commerce business owner to keep up with the current trends and satisfy the customer requirements in every possible way. To make things easier, Magento development services are pretty much helpful in introducing the technological innovations that your web store needs to reach a completely new level in terms of growth and visibility.

In this article, we will discuss the top 10 Magento development trends that you can follow in 2021 to keep your e-commerce store ahead of the competition. So let’s begin.

Magento E-commerce Development Trends For 2021

1. AI & Chatbots

It is true that the performance of the chatbots in terms of processing the number of orders on a daily basis is amazing, and no human operator in the world can match the figure. But all depends upon the platform and the speed of service on which the chatbots are integrated. A correctly designed chatbot algorithm will enhance the growth of the e-commerce industry. Therefore a lot of developers are using the Magento platform to integrate chatbots as it provides a number of tools to make the implementation and integration of chatbots effective and efficient.

Also, Artificial Intelligence has successfully made its presence in the e-commerce industry for years now, and both AI and Chatbots are being used to advance the growth of the e-commerce industry. A lot of web stores that were already using the technology have gained a lot and will continue to enjoy the benefits not only in 2021 but in the coming years too. Both AI and Chatbots help the brand and e-store owners attract the targeted audience and provide a much-needed personalized shopping experience to the customers. This not only helps the business owner boost sales figures and earn good profit but also results in the advancement of growth of the e-commerce sector.

2. AR & VR

One of the most popular and cutting-edge Magento e-commerce development trends in 2021 is augmented and virtual reality. We all know that online shoppers are big fans of technology, and AR and VR actually take care of that part very well. The technology not only benefits the customers but is also a boon for the online retailers as both AR and VR when combined together, helps the retailers in reaching the target and new audiences.

AR helps the customers in testing the product virtually that helps customers have a close look at the product without physically visiting the store. Both Augmented reality [AR] and Virtual reality [VR] enhances the customer’s shopping experience as the user can now use the product virtually and can decide without confusion whether the product will be perfect for him/her. For example, suppose a user wants to purchase sunglasses from an e-commerce store but is not sure whether the specific frame will be a perfect fit, so the user can use the 3d feature to try different types of frames by virtually placing them on his/her photo and can even move the photo around to see how its looks from different angles.

By using AR and VR technology on your e-commerce store, you can get increased brand visibility and awareness along with better customer engagement. If you are one of those thinking about implementing AR and VR technology on your e-commerce store, then the Magento e-commerce platform is providing superb AR/VR technology in 2021 for all your e-commerce business needs.

3. Personalized Push Notifications

Personalized push notifications are small messages that an e-commerce store owner usually sends to the customers, browsers, and subscribers to engage with them and create awareness. The feature can be used efficiently by the web store owners to engage with their potential customers, inform them about new products/services, and grow the traffic inflow. The store owner can send push notifications via social media, SMS, or emails. For sending push notifications to the target audiences, Magento can actually be of big help as it helps in analyzing buying patterns of the customers and deliver personalized push notifications to them.

As e-commerce has a highly competitive market, web store owners need to focus more on delivering the personalized experiences to the customers. Magento e-commerce stores can help you create personal discounts and generate coupons to attract the target audience. Also, to make sure that you are providing the best personalized experiences to the users, you can take help from the Magento web development companies that are experts in providing Magento services. These organizations can help you in providing ideas like sending SMS or emails to the customers based on their shopping behavior or sending information about women’s perfumes offer to female customers via SMS, etc. You can also use Magento theme development services to provide an unmatched shopping experience to your customers and achieve your business goals.

Personalized push notifications will not only help you in reducing the bounce rate on your website but will also help with the following:

  • Increase profits,
  • Reduces advertising costs,
  • Improves behavioral factors for search engines.

4. Voice Search

Voice search has helped in taking the e-commerce industry to the next level as the users and customers can search for a product without actually speaking a word. Voice search is a feature with which the compatible device takes queries of the users in the form of voice, detects the language in which the query has been asked, and provides the desired output. Nowadays, various voice operating assistants, including Siri, Alexa, and Google Home, are ruling the market. Using these voice operating assistants, customers can ask their queries or search for a product with voice input methods. The query will be answered by the voice assistants based on the keywords used in the query.

With the growing popularity of voice operating assistants, voice searches are increasing at full pace with each passing day. 20% of Google searches on mobile devices are voice searches, and until 2022, voice commerce sales are expected to reach $40 billion, which was noted to be $1.8 billion in 2020.

Voice search is one of the latest trends these days, and the technology will keep buzzing in the coming years too. Magento supports voice search features, and it can help the online store owners provide exceptional customer experience with faster, easier, and time-saving search.

5. Smooth Consumer Experience

Providing a smooth and consistent customer experience is one of the most important features that an e-commerce website should have. This feature helps the website rank higher on SEO. Also, providing a smooth and consistent customer experience helps the web store owner to increase brand awareness and visibility over the internet, which makes the business stand apart from the rest of the competition in the market.

There are good chances that if your website is unable to provide a good customer experience, you may lose your targeted audience. Also, losing potential customers will come with decreased number of sales and revenue, which will ultimately affect the growth and ROI of the e-commerce business. The e-commerce market is highly competitive, with hundreds of new e-commerce websites being added to the network on a daily basis. With such a competition, you should keep one thing in mind that your e-commerce website is providing a smooth and consistent consumer experience to keep your business up and running. To ensure this, a platform like Magento helps the e-commerce business owners fulfill these requirements on a large scale.

6. Live Streaming

The next popular Magento e-commerce development trend in 2021 is live streaming. The feature is the most popular one and is currently the need of the hour for e-commerce marketing. With the increasing interest of the people in webinars and live sessions, the importance of live streaming has drastically increased in the digital world. Live streaming has advantages for both the store owner and the customers. For store owners, it helps in capturing the target audience by understanding the customer’s requirement in detail, which actually enhances customer engagement. While store owners can use the live chats feature to directly connect with the customers via social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter. With live chats, customers can get answers to their queries regarding the products instantly.

Also, live streaming helps the customers to better understand the products that an e-commerce store is offering. Live streaming has gained popularity recently due to the huge shift that has taken place in the wake of the COVID 19 pandemic. Such a situation forced the retailers to move ahead and follow the trend. Magento provides the live streaming feature to increase the capability of your e-commerce website and increase the customer base to boost sales figures and revenue.

7. Smart Search

Always keep in mind that it requires a lot more than just Magento e-commerce development to get sales for your e-commerce website. After you are done with creating your website, you cannot just sit back and wait for sales to flourish. To ensure that you are getting the required sales figures, you would need to get your e-commerce website rank higher on various search engines, including Google. Also, you will need a smart search feature on your e-commerce website to provide an excellent user experience and ensure that your customers are easily able to find the desired products. You can even use Magento plugin development services to enhance the customer experience.

You can connect with professional Magento developers and ask them to add breadcrumbs, filters, auto-complete options, etc. This will help your audience to find what all products you are offering at your store and whether the items that a customer is looking for are actually available. An e-commerce website with a smart search feature will definitely do wonders for your business. And it is certain that the smart search feature will not only dominate the e-commerce websites in 2021 but for many more years to come.

8. Include High-Quality Images

Yes, it is true that you cannot achieve the desired sales figures and revenue for your e-commerce website unless you are putting in good content along with high-quality product images. Therefore, it is very important to create customer-centric content that can increase your conversion rate, which will ultimately boost your sales figures and the overall revenue of your e-commerce business.

To ensure that you are using high-quality product images on your website, you can either yourself click product images from various angles or hire a professional photographer to click the product images for your website. Using high-quality and detailed product images on your e-commerce store will help your customers know about your products in detail so that they can purchase them virtually without having any unnecessary confusion and second thoughts. Besides using images, you can also record videos of your products and upload them on your e-commerce website to boost your sales and revenues.

9. Visual Search & Image Recognition

Visual search is one of the most important and popular features that has been used mostly by the users to identify landmarks, get directions, etc. But now the feature has gained momentum on the e-commerce platform too, as online customers are nowadays searching more and more images to know in detail about the product that they are interested in purchasing. Talking about the figures, people do more than 600 million visual searches monthly on platforms like Pinterest.

Therefore, if you want your e-commerce website to rank well on the search results, then make sure that you are using image SEO efficiently. Visual search and image recognition are very important features to ensure that you are getting the required audience for your e-commerce store. Also, equipping your online store with these features will help the customers have a detailed overview of the product they are interested in to avoid any confusion related to the purchase. Magento provides this feature to increase the capability of your e-commerce website so that it can attract the target audience and can stand apart from the competitors in the highly competitive e-commerce market.

10. Social Media Integration

Social media is a powerful digital marketing technique, and we all know the importance of the social media platform in promoting and marketing your e-commerce business. Nowadays, people have started spending a decent amount of time on social media platforms which has actually made the platform a good place to promote and market products to enhance brand visibility and awareness. Also, understanding the market requirement, popular social media channels, including Instagram and Facebook, are providing marketing packages to help businesses boost the sales figures and ROI.

Magento supports social media integrations and is quick in adapting this trend, which can ultimately help you boost the sales and revenue of your e-commerce business.


If you are an e-commerce business owner who is struggling to get brand visibility and keep your e-commerce business up and running in the highly competitive market, then all you need is Magento development services. Opting for these services will help any e-commerce player stay ahead of the game, keeping your competitors at the side.

In this article, we have discussed the top 10 popular Magento e-commerce development trends that will help you boost the sales and revenue of your business and reach your set goals not only in 2021 but for many more years to come.

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