Top Benefits of Using Magento Mobile App For eCommerce Business

Magento eCommerce development

Undoubtedly, Magento is one of the popular, successful and robust platforms for eCommerce store development. The open-source nature and full customizability make it an ideal eCommerce solution both among the large and small businesses. Trusted by the world leading brands like Nestle Nespresso, Coca-Cola, Ford, Nike, Christian Louboutin, Olympus, and more, Magento is powering over 190,000 stores across the world and over 13k websites are in the top 1 million sites.

With the exponential rise in m-commerce in the past few years, it becomes important for store merchants to optimize their store for mobile conversions. According to a report by Statista, m-commerce is expected to make up 53.9% of all retail eCommerce sales in the U.S. by 2021. This indicates that it’s the right time to invest in Magento mobile app development by hiring an expert from a reliable Magento eCommerce development company, which can help you gain a competitive edge.

In the last few years, Magento mobile apps have taken over mobile sites, the reason being no matter how flexible a Magento website is, it can never match the responsiveness, speed, and compatibility of an application. Furthermore, Magento mobile app also brings the ease of use for your users, which drives not only new customers but also increases brand loyalty. Now, let’s explore the top benefits of building a Magento mobile application for your eCommerce business.

1. Multilingual Support

Multilingual Support

Just like your website, Magento mobile application can cater to the global audience by offering multilingual support. In other words, the content, images, and banners of your eCommerce store can be converted into any desired language, which ensures higher revenue and a high ROI. Besides this, the voice search function in Magento mobile application also supports multilingual feature, which helps customers easily search and land on the desired products without any hassle.

2. Catalog Management

With Magento mobile application, you can set different prices for different customer groups like retailers and wholesalers based on their purchase frequency. It also allows unified management of product catalogs across multiple categories and subcategories. You can also manage single product, bundled products or configurable (e.g. size, color, etc.) directly through the mobile application. Furthermore, the admin panel of Magento mobile app allows you to apply group updates, which is helpful in saving a significant amount of time.

3. Payment, Checkout and Shipping

Payment, Checkout and Shipping

Magento mobile application offers one-page checkout functionality integrated with multiple payment gateways to let customers purchase using their favorite payment method. You’ll also get an additional feature of guest checkout option with Magento mobile app. Furthermore, free shipping option or shipping to multiple addresses in single order is also possible through Magento mobile application.

4. Analytics, Tracking, and Reporting

Analytics, Tracking, and Reporting

The analysis and reporting capabilities of the Magento mobile app allows store merchants to track the performance of their business with ease. Using the Magento mobile app, you can generate detailed and visually-rich reports for the sales figures, total sales invoice, tax reports, the abandonment of baskets, the products in inventory, and more. In a nutshell, you can analyze the complete activity of your eCommerce store with complete statistics using Magento’s mobile application.

5. Quick Search

Quick Search

Layered navigation makes it easier for people to find products with better filtering options. Most exits and bounces from an eCommerce store occur due to the unstructured navigation path. With Magento mobile app, you can provide better navigation and quick search options, which enable the customers to find the products with no hassle.

6. Customization


Magento mobile app offers endless customization opportunities through an advanced interface, which allows you to directly edit CSS or HTML code, giving you complete control over the functionality, appearance, and design of your store.


In the above post, we’ve discussed the top benefits of investing in Magento’s mobile application development. If you are not leveraging the power of m-commerce, we suggest you hire an expert from a reputed Magento Store development agency like Magnomates to get a robust and scalable mobile app developed for your Magento store. Hire certified experts today. Drop an email to

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