The Ultimate Guide To eCommerce Customer Acquisition in 2020

eCommerce Customer Acquisition Guide

Starting your Magento powered online store always sounds interesting but you need to be cautious from the beginning itself if you want to grow your business on a vertical trajectory. Otherwise, you may end up facing some serious setbacks that will push your growth plans to a backseat. Luckily, you can avoid the common mistakes that many Magento store merchants do while attracting new customers to their store. In this insightful post, we’ll discuss a detailed customer acquisition strategy that will help you drive new customers whilst keeping the existing ones. But before that, let’s look at the key reasons why most of the eCommerce stores end up in failure:

  • Lack of online marketing – 37%
  • Poor online search visibility – 35%
  • Not sound marketing for their products or services – 35%
  • Run out of cash – 32%
  • Price or costing issues – 29%
  • Not having skilled resources – 14%
  • Product mistiming – 11%

Now that we’ve stated the key reasons behind failing of many eCommerce stores, let’s look at some powerful customer acquisition tactics that you should steal in 2020.

Table of Contents:

1. Define Your Buyer Persona

How to define your buyer persona

The first step to drive more customers to your Magento eCommerce store or the winning formula for your eCommerce store is to identify who your potential audience is, how you can connect with them, what they are talking about on social media, and what they are searching for on Google. Answers to these questions will help you get a clear idea of who will consider buying from you. Now, the question popping up in your mind is how to get the answers to these questions. Right? Well, listed below are some of the popular ways:

  • Conduct a thorough market research and survey customers
  • Run targeted ads on Google, Facebook, and other networks
  • Connect with micro-influencers of your niche
  • Guest posting on websites similar to your niche
  • Ask for users feedback via email or social networking channels
  • Comb through your competitors’ sites to find out who their customers are

2. Choose The Right Acquisition Channel

Customer Acquisition Channel

Once you have figured out who your potential customers are, the next important thing that you need to do is to identify the best channel to connect with your prospects. When it comes to choosing the popular communication channels for acquiring new customers, you can bank upon social media engagements, surveys, email, phone calls, and industry events. You can also try a combination of different communication channels for your Magento eCommerce store. Once you’ve tried all the channels, you can compare their results to find out the most effective one for your business.

3. Organize Contests or Giveaways

Contest or giveaways

Who doesn’t love freebies? Believe us, nothing could be more effective in acquiring new customers than running contests or giveaways. In order to win new customers, you can either run contests on your website and social networks or collaborate with niche influencers having a wide customer reach.

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind when organizing a giveaway on social media. Always ensure that the instructions to participate in the giveaway are coherent, so are the winning criteria. Another important thing that you need to ensure is that you offer something valuable that excites everyone to participate in the contest.

Here’s a brilliant example of a giveaway organized by Forever21, a popular fashion apparel brand for women.


4. Leverage SEO

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, commonly known as SEO, is the backbone of an eCommerce business. It is one of the most effective strategies for customer acquisition. When done right, it will not only improve your store’s organic search rankings but also make your brand discoverable by your potential customers.

Better search rankings and brand’s visibility is the primary stage of the customer acquisition funnel. When you hire SEO specialists, they will improve your brand presence by employing a suite of SEO activities such as link building, URL Rewrite, social bookmarking, and much more.

Another powerful tactic that SEO experts employ to drive more customers is to make your Magento powered eCommerce store mobile-friendly and responsive. Close to 51% of all internet traffic in the third quarter of 2019 came from mobile devices. This simply indicates that offering smooth mobile shopping experience can be effective in converting prospects to customers.

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5. Create Optimized Landing Pages

Landing pages optimization

Another power strategy for acquiring new customers is creating a well-optimized landing page for your Magento backed eCommerce store. With the help of an eCommerce development company, you can design a compelling landing page that channels customers to your product or service page. You can also incorporate a few elements in your landing page that facilitates conversions:

  • A visually appealing image
  • A powerful call-to-action button
  • An attention-grabbing headline
  • A strong value proposition (the benefits)
  • Social proof or an endorsement

Besides creating an engaging landing page for your Magento eCommerce store, you should also do A/B testing to optimize it further. It goes without saying that running the A/B test for your landing page design is a trial and error method. Keep experimenting with CTAs, different fonts, color psychology, and images to find out what is helping you acquire more customers.

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Final Words

There’s no magic wand available that can guarantee you an influx of new customers to your Magento eCommerce store. You need to keep experimenting with different marketing tactics to become a master in the game of acquiring new customers. If you religiously follow the 5 powerful tactics discussed in this insightful post, you can surely attract way more customers in 2020 and beyond. In case, you struggle to manage your time for core business activities and feel you need expert help for Magento store management services, you can hire certified experts from Magnomates. Connect with industry experts by dropping a line to

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