The quintessential Magento Website Development features for 2018

Magento website development

There are a multitude of Magento website development services in the market for businesses, but there are some things that needed to be sorted out before investing in one. It is of utmost importance to follow market standards and at least have an idea of what is trending and also assessing what one exactly needs and what not.

Here is what you should expect if you wish to avail the services of a Magento development agency this year:

Search engine readability

There are websites out there, equipped with diverse functionalities and unique features, yet unable to generate a threshold amount of traffic to earn revenue. A lot of your website’s traffic depends on the search engine readability. Ideally your Magento website should be readily indexed and cached by search engines, the absence of which can isolate audiences from your website. Given how traffic is an integral part of a store owner’s sales funnel, your website must be SEO friendly at all cost.


Regardless of how sophisticated a website is in terms of design and function, going in the market without personalization is taking a step back from growth. The eCommerce industry is nowadays reiterating the implementation of personalization in website development given how marketing and audience targeting has changed over time. To accommodate a more individual approach to target customers it has become really important to personalize a website according to visitor data and let audiences see what they want to see as opposed to a ” one for all ” approach.

Simplicity of navigation and effective search

To enhance the user experience of a website, the navigation must be simple and easy to follow. Visitors should easily be able to figure out their way around the website and look up products without any difficulty. The categorization of products must be on point and also users should be able to customize their search with application of different filters. There are many websites that are full of product lists but seldom have a search bar. It can be annoying for audiences to deal with as searching is one of the fundamental functionalities to be included in an eCommerce website. In case a visitor is trying to find something specific and is unable to locate it on the website, with the aid of the searching functionality it can be fully addressed. Any credible Magento website development agency should provide seamless navigation and fast searching for your website.

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