Take the Road to Success with these Magento Website Development Tips

Magento Website Development Services

Creating a feature-rich Magento store is not a difficult task. Creating the one that is in compliance with your precise business needs and customer-friendly at the same time, surely is. If your eCommerce store on Magento, a “market leader” doesn’t help you cull out intended profit margins, it’s time to peep into the baseline of your store and call for a change.

We have listed below a few tips to help you sail your boat in the highly turbulent eCommerce realm:

Offer diverse payment options

Your store should be based on the premise of enhancing buyer’s ease. What can be a better way than offering flexible payment options to your buyers? In addition to payment gateways and cash on delivery options, you can integrate a payment alternative in which customers can pay the total sum of the product in instalments. Making such a move by outsourcing Magento website development services will help you in holding on to customers who like a certain product on your site but refrain from buying it because of budget constraints.

Do not underestimate the power of free shipping

You might be trying too hard to find new ways of fuelling your sales figures while overlooking the most basic ones.

Magento Website Development Services

Source: Marketingland and Walker Sands Future of Retail study

Since there is a huge gap between the demand for one-day delivery and adequate opportunities to make it happen, if you want to witness a significant blow in your sales figures, providing free-shipping in general and one-day free shipping in particular can help you in turning the tables upside down.

Collect data to learn about your site usage pattern

In order to ensure that your Magento store continues to climb the ladder of success, it is important to trace the pattern in which buyers use your site. It can be done by using an amalgam of session recordings, supervised user-testing, Google analytics, etc. Acquiring this data and keeping a track of it can become easier with the help of a Magento website development company.

Incorporate personalisation to reach places

‘Suggested for you’, ‘recommended for you’ help in significantly enhancing your chances of striking a deal. In order to uplift your user-experience, consider taking an extra initiative: reach the customer (in a few ways) instead of the other way round at all stages of your Magento store. Such personalised recommendations based on the search of the potential buyers significantly increase the chances of selling more products than was possible, a while ago.

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