Skeptic about Migration to Magento 2? You should read this…

Migration to magento 2

Magento is identified as an industry leader in the eCommerce sector, with its evolution as a retail development platform. Evolving neck and neck has become crucial for online store owners, as websites running on other platforms may need some catching up to do. The newer versions of Magento keep adding on remarkable features blending well with both current technologies and business practices. In case you are still skeptic of proceeding with a migration to Magento 2, here are some advantageous features of Magento 2 that may convince you to make a switch from your currently used platform.

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Instant Check-Out

One of the standout features of Magento 2 is its instant checkout feature. Magento has taken full advantage of this timeless feature, which previously was under Amazon’s control. Not only has it sped up the check out process for visitors, It has made the experience for simple brick and mortar stores comparable to Amazon. Integrating it within an e-store can be a phenomenal performance booster for any store owner.

Seamless access to business intelligence

Keeping track of your store performance is no longer a hectic affair as Magento 2 websites can be intuitively managed with the help of Magento Business intelligence. With its interactive dashboards, one can access numbers, ad stats and analytics from diverse sources including third party engines like Google and Facebook, all at one place. Sellers can access comprehensive and insightful numbers that can help them optimize their online stores for better performance and ROI.

Customizable plugins and extensions

eCommerce store development and customization can be taken to a whole new level with the amount of exciting things possible with Magento 2. You can create and modify various extensions to aid your online store with improved functionality and personalization. You can equip your websites with useful plugins to aid the purchase journey of your visitors and also to augment specific processes of your store like inventory management, shopping cart experience and tax calculation

Responsive themes

You can create visually appealing online stores with the help of customized responsive themes, that are both user friendly and easy on the device memory. Considering how mobile traffic is important for eCommerce stores, these themes can load smoothly on mobile devices and help you achieve a consistent user experience across different platforms.

It is understandable that migration to Magento 2 is a complex procedure, but being laden with one of best features amongst contemporaries, relatively stable future prospects and the continuous possibility to evolve makes it a favourable decision for online retailers. Also with help from certified experts, the leap to Magento 2 can be made seamlessly without the worry of losing data or being hindered by complexities.

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