Signs Your Magento eCommerce Store Needs An Upgrade

Upgrade to Magento

Maybe you don’t feel the need to upgrade your Magento 1.x store, but there are some signs, that will tell you for sure to plan the migration for the betterment of your eCommerce business. When planning the migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2, you may have to make some difficult decisions like whether to build up a new store on the latest version or upgrade your existing store by availing Magento upgrade services from a certified expert. But, before you make any decision, we recommend you to seek a free consultation from a Magento Partner. Now, let’s quickly look at the signs that tell you that your Magento eCommerce store needs an upgrade.

Visitors are freaking out over your current website

When your Magento store starts gaining traction, it’s quite normal to witness a significant number of visitors on your website. However, as a store merchant, it’s your responsibility to keep in mind that a bad user experience – whether it is due to broken pages, high load time, slow performance, or a crash caused by a sudden spike in traffic can damage your brand’s rapport in the eyes of potential customers. To avert this situation, it’s wise to increase your bandwidth or upgrade to Magento 2.x before the visitors surge dramatically that it becomes difficult for your system to manage properly.

Note: Magento 2 improved caching capabilities can assist your eCommerce store to operate more efficiently, particularly in serving the increased number of customers.

Conversion rates have become stagnant

One of the most effective ways to measure the success of your eCommerce store is monitoring the conversion rate. A high conversion rate is an indicator that you’re going in the right direction and marketing to the right set of audience. However, if your conversion rates have plateaued, it’s the right time to drive your Magento store to the next level by upgrading it from Magento 1 to Magento 2.

Magento 2 is renowned for delivering enhanced performance by retaining more customers once they’ve landed on your website. It comes with several amazing features that include:

  • Tailored cross-sells and up-sells
  • Access to 100+ promotion types
  • Gift wrapping options
  • Built-in gift card functionality
  • Ability to create segmented marketing messages and storefronts

KPIs are dropping

One annoying situation that many store merchants encounter is when their eCommerce business goes from successful to struggling in a short span of time. In the competitive eCommerce marketplace, if you are not implementing the latest technologies, you could be easily surpassed by your customers that are offering personalized user experiences, better customer service, faster shipping, lower prices, and much more.

While we generally recommend store merchants to build a completely new website in every three to four years to stay abreast with the consumers’ demands, you should constantly tweak your Magento store as the market changes.

Aside from improved customer experiences and advanced features, upgrade to Magento 2.x can help your eCommerce store draw and retain new customers with faster load time, personalized offers, and improved security.

Final Words

Magento has become an indispensable platform for every eCommerce business since it is packed with all the features and capabilities that a store merchant would require to run a successful online business. However, if your Magento store is not performing well, it’s time to think about the migration of your Magento store to the latest version.

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