Magento WordPress Integration: The What, Why, and How

Magento WordPress Integration

Magento and WordPress: Two of all-time favorites of CMS users. You want a dependable platform that lets you set up a successful online business, what better than the eCommerce powerhouse Magento? 775,210 websites are already using it. You want a full-fledged platform to build a blog? There’s no better platform than WordPress, which is currently being used by more than 2.5 million websites. Imagine what would happen if you could get the best of both worlds. Say, you have a Magento store and you’re planning to integrate a blog section in it to advertise and interlink your products better. Doesn’t the very idea of “Magento WordPress integration” sound amazing? Sure it does. Integrating the two would definitely give rise to new possibilities.

What, you ask?

Well, let’s find out!

Why integrate WordPress and Magento?

Benefits of Integrating WordPress and Magento

  • Better website customization

When you integrate Magento and WordPress, you have access to store themes for both the CMSs. As a result, you get a wider range of customization options for your eCommerce website.

  • Better SEO, better traffic

When your Magento eStore is integrated with WordPress, you are free to apply WordPress search engine optimization techniques for your Magento store. This will get your eCommerce store some quality traffic.

  • Access to more features

The integration of the two platforms means that you get the best of both. For example, using both types of static blocks, cart style, navigation menus, etc. and explore more possibilities.

  • Blog-to-cart

This integration lets you build a better user experience for your shoppers by leveraging the blog-to-cart functionality. For example, if you have a WordPress blog that advertises your products, you can naturally link it to the Magento product page to easily direct your customers to the check-out page. This could definitely give your conversion rate a much-needed boost.

  • Easy order completion

User experience is enhanced two-fold if the capabilities of both these platforms are combined. Orders are completed sooner and more easily, thanks to single login options. You might want to outsource this to experts who render Magento web development services to make sure that the order processing dashboard is developed in the correct manner.

How to integrate WordPress and Magento?

Integration of WordPress and Magento

Integrating Magento and WordPress could have been a complex task. But thanks to a number of plugins and extensions, you don’t need to code and customize anything from scratch. The third-party extensions do all the work for you. Just install WordPress and Magento along with an integration module and you’ll be ready to follow the steps further.

Now, there are two ways of going about it. You can either integrate Magento into WordPress or you can integrate WordPress into Magento. Both of them would require a different technique of integration. Let’s study each one in detail.

Integrating Magento into WordPress

Integration Magento into WordPress

Most developers believe that integrating Magento blocks into WordPress is the ideal solution, especially when it comes to building a robust eCommerce site. This is mainly because WordPress comes with more number of themes as compared to Magento and thus, provides the user with better customization options.

For this, you can use any of the following Magento 1 or Magento 2 WordPress integration plugins:

  • Magento WordPress Integration

This one is a free extension that has been designed to integrate Magento into WordPress seamlessly. The best thing about this extension is that it doesn’t require you to make any changes to Magento core files. Just download the extension and install it using Magento Connect. When it’s installed, you’ll get a single login from your Magento account using which, you’ll be able to set up the backend for both the platforms. You’ll then be able to combine your WordPress posts with your Magento products. Using the WordPress menu in Magento is also possible with the help of this extension. This extension supports all Magento editions including Enterprise, Professional and Community.

  • Mage Enabler

Mage Enabler is a WordPress plugin that allows the developer to use a Magento object anywhere in a WordPress installation. This extension requires some modifications to be made in functions.php in the WordPress files. You might want to get expert assistance to get this one integrated right.

Integrating WordPress with Magento

Integration of WordPress with Magento

The primary reason why developers integrate WordPress into Magento is that they’re looking to leverage the extensibility of WordPress while also taking the flexibility of Magento into account. The process for this could be a little complex than integrating Magento into WordPress. But if done right, having Magento as your frontend could be quite beneficial as it is both powerful and secure.

One of the best Magento 2 WordPress integration plugins that can make this unification possible is the FishPig extension. It is a WordPress integration extension and is one of the highest rates modules for this integration to date. The extension is also compatible with a range of premium add-ons that can help you enhance the quality and functionality of your Magento website. Some of them are free while others are paid and can be chosen as per your requirements. Combining the menus in WordPress and Magento becomes easier with the help of this extension.

Choosing one of the two greatest CMSs for building a website is definitely a tough one. Hence, integration. Use the aforementioned techniques to combine the capabilities of both platforms with ease and watch things work out for you as they should!

How Magnomates Can Assist The Integration

Tools and extensions make Magento WordPress integration easier than making changes directly to the code. However, one might still find it difficult to do it all on their own. Well, if you need the two merged at the earliest, then Magnomates could be your best bet. Our developers have all the know-how of both the platforms and so, they can help you select the right extensions and use them correctly to enhance your eStore’s functionality. Write to us at to get started.

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