Magento Website Development Secrets to Emerge as a Market Winner

Magento website development

Magento is taking the eCommerce web development industry by storm. With this, cutting past your competitors especially the ones who have access to the same features is becoming even more challenging. However, little do most sellers know that by laying emphasis on certain Magento website development touch points, you can easily crack the puzzle and keep your rivals at bay.

Make responsive elements your mainstay

It is a well-established fact that if a website doesn’t operate well on mobile, users will not cull out time to access it using laptop or computer. In this way, it would amount to losing out on a good number of opportunities. Not only this, if your site is not responsive, you have high chances of dwindling down your Google ranking- another strong roadblock to your sales figures.

Use local currency options

If you intend to sell across boundaries, it is quintessential to have your Magento store equipped with local currency options. When a buyer visits your website and sees the price of a product in a currency other than his, it casts a negative impression about your store. It might not only lead to abandoning the site at that moment but not visiting it in future. To avoid this, consider taking help from a Magento development company for making necessary provisions to automatically adjust your site’s currency as per your visitor’s location.

Differential pricing: A smart move

Demanding high prices for your products has significantly high chances of chiding away potential buyers. However, if you charge too less, you might be missing out the opportunity of culling out maximum profit. In order to avoid both scenarios, you can utilize the ‘Tier pricing’ and ‘Group pricing’ features of Magento while Magento website development. These features help you charge different prices for your products from different customers/set of customers and offer incentives to the regular ones for keeping your customer base intact.

Images, not just an opportunity to sell but to sell more

Be sure to utilize images as an element for search- engine optimization. Using meaningful names that precisely describe your product alongwith the use of Alt tags comes out to be of significant help.

Go the extra mile…

When customers develop an impulsive liking for a product and find it out of stock or beyond their budget, it can be a gloomy situation- for you as well as your customers. However, you can mould it in your favour by notifying them with ‘Price change’ or ‘Back in-stock’ alert.

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