Magento – The Mobile App Platform Your eCommerce Business Needs in 2021

Magento Mobile App Development for eCommerce Store

Ever since the pandemic has entered our lives, the way things operate has changed, especially in the eCommerce landscape. Today, both businesses and consumers must go mobile in order to withstand the waves of transformation and sail successfully.

Though the smartphone or mobile trend has entered human lives for a long time now, the trend underwent a major shift and gadget screens became storefronts post pandemic. Thus, it’s time that organizations adapt their eStores to the growing mobile market and reach out to the maximum people.

Choosing the Right Mobile App Development Platform

Now that you have taken the first (important) step towards i.e. going mobile, you must choose the right platform to build your mobile application. While the market offers you endless options, your job is to choose the one that fulfills your requirements and uplifts your eCommerce business. While each and every eCommerce platform has its own pros and cons, this article will help you out with why you should opt for Magento mobile app development.

Magento Mobile App Development

One of the most popular and used open-source eCommerce platforms, Magento powers more than 270,000 merchant sites and over 28% of the total mobile apps. With a proven record of creating secure, scalable, and feature-rich mobile apps, Magento’s modular architecture offers complete control to merchants while imposing negligible constraints on business processes. Further, it seamlessly meets the needs of businesses, regardless of the niche, that wishes to attain a highly responsive online sales platform while helping them achieve their goals.

Trusted by some of the leading brands like Nestle, Coca-Cola, Ford, Nike, Olympus, and many more, the platform offers a range of unprecedented features and hundreds of extensions to help businesses create exceptional applications.

Over the last few years, Magento mobile apps have taken over mobile sites since no matter how flexible your Magento website is, it cannot match the responsiveness, speed, and compatibility of a mobile app. In addition to this, Magento mobile apps offer users ease of use, thus resulting in user engagement and increased brand loyalty. The best part is, these aren’t just the benefits of Magento mobile app development – it has a lot more to offer. Let’s know what all.

Why Choose Magento Mobile App for your eCommerce Store?

Multilingual Support

As much as a website, a mobile app also caters to diverse audiences coming from different backgrounds. Thus, your mobile app must offer multilingual support for the users to use the app with utmost ease.

When you develop an app with Magento, the content or the images your store convert into the language desired by the user, which ensures higher customer satisfaction and ultimately revenue. Besides this, the voice search feature in the mobile app also supports the multilingual feature, which helps customers easily searching for the desired product(s) without any hassle.

Payment, Checkout, and Shipping

When users shop from you, they expect a seamless, fast, and secure experience, especially during payment and checkout. Well, Magento understands this quite well and thus offers one-page checkout along with multiple payment options to let customers choose their favorite payment method.

When it comes to checkout, several customers find the process of creating an account time-consuming or cumbersome. In such cases, the Magento mobile app offers them guest checkout. In simple terms, they can complete the purchase without creating an account.
Furthermore, you can also integrate the free shipping option or shipping to multiple addresses (in a single order).

Analytics, Tracking, and Reporting

In order to grow your business, you must keep a check on your performance and take action accordingly. Magento mobile apps help you track the performance of your business with ease. Whether it is generating detailed and properly-formatted reports for sales, keeping a track of your inventory, analyzing tax reports, or knowing the number of abandoned carts, the app allows you to analyze the complete activity of your eCommerce store along with accurate statistics and figures.
You can further bring in amendments or improvisations in your products/services based on the reports.

Catalog Management

Another benefit that Magento mobile app offers the merchants is the ability to set different prices for different customer groups. For instance, you can set different prices for wholesalers and retailers based on their purchase frequency. Further, it also promotes unified catalog management across multiple categories as well as subcategories.
You can also use the app to directly manage a single product, bundled products or configure based on size, color, material, etc. Last but not least, you can apply group updates from the admin panel while saving a considerable amount of time and effort.

Quick Search

This goes without saying, unstructured and poor navigation is one of the major factors of increased bounce rates and abandoned carts. In such cases, options like filters and a quick search can help customers in finding their desired product with much ease.
With Magento mobile app, you can integrate quick search and layered navigation while offering your customers a happy, easy shopping experience.


With the help of an advanced interface that allows you to edit CSS and HTML, Magento mobile app gives you complete control over the design, theme, appearance of your store along with endless customization opportunities.

Pitfalls to Avoid for Magento Mobile App Development

Developing or owning a mobile app isn’t the ultimate goal. You must ensure that the app you build is free of any errors or mistakes, as it can have an adverse impact on your business. Below are some of the common mistakes that you must be aware of before you develop a mobile app.

1. Messed User Interface

Shoppers are always short of time. They are always on the look for the best in the least time possible. Your job here is to provide them with a fast, simple experience that’s free of irrelevant features or bland design. In other words, include only relevant and useful features such as double-tap or save items so that it’s easy for customers to access these features.
When you involve too much, you simply prepare yourself for higher cart abandonment rates and never-returning customers.

2. Rule of Thumb

Never overlook the rule of thumb. Majority of the people operate smartphones with their thumbs. Make sure you place the principal tabs accordingly on the app screen.

3. Security Considerations

Customers always prefer sites and apps that are secure and safe. You must do everything to overcome their doubts by either placing some trust badges or lock symbols. Your app must give them assurance that their personal and financial data is completely safe.

4. Multiple Platforms

You’d want to reach out to the maximum number of consumers. Thus, your app to be present on both the App Store and Play Store. Aim for multiple platforms so that your target audience can find you and enjoy shopping with you.

5. Speed

No one wants to shop from a website/app that takes forever to load. Make sure yours isn’t one of them. The faster your app will load, the higher are the chances of users staying. Make sure your app loads fast by avoiding heavy files/codes or compressing images for a better user experience. You can always hire experts to optimize your app for speed.

As far as these errors are considered, it is always recommended to hire Magento developers for an exceptionally engaging and up-to-the-mark app for your eCommerce store. With professionals by your side, you can be free of any worries and simply get a highly-functional Magento mobile app.

Magnomates – Your Magento Mobile App Partner

Whether it is developing an app from scratch or updating an existing one, experts at Magnomates are capable of catering to all your requirements with qualitative solutions. We offer a pool of adept developers who have a strong grasp of theme development, plugin development, integrations, and a lot more. You name it, we do it.

Hire Magento developers from Magnomates today and get a customized and engaging mobile app that is tailored to your business requirements and equipped with advanced functionalities.

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