Magento + Direct Access to Amazon = Imminent Success

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Trusted by distinguished brands like Nike, Samsung, Olympus and Nestle, Magento is taking eCommerce development by storm. The eminent publication Gartner has accredited Magento the status of a “leader” for Digital Commerce in its 2017 Magic Quadrant series

With such accomplishments to its avail, the growing traction for Magento eCommerce development services is not astonishing. Magento has decided to take its sales capabilities a step ahead by announcing Amazon’s product management using Magento (that would become possible later this year).

“This enhanced capability from Magento helps merchants simplify the listing process, and measure the value gained from this important channel.”

– Mark Lavelle, CEO of Magento Commerce

Is the integration something to look forward to?

With 92 per cent of the surveyed merchants aspiring to expand their Amazon sales figures within a year’s span, the feature has been introduced as a result of merchant’s demands. (Source: Magento).

The new integration sounds very promising and is intended to fuel your sales figures. As online sellers, you would reap the benefits of enhancing the visibility and shape price fixation of your products. The powerful tools would help to enhance your sales figures by-

  • Laying special focus on a particular listing
  • Centralised order management to amalgamate significant actions like order tracking, cancellations and customer data
  • Match products automatically and list them on Amazon’s European, North American and APAC marketplaces.
  • Get detailed reporting of the prices of competitors products
  • Deploy advance marketing tools like Amazon Strikethrough Price to boost your listing

Magento Amazon Integration: The Building Blocks

Since Amazon has become a start point for conducting a large number of product searches, sellers can monetize on the opportunity to enhance the chances for consumers to discover their brand and eventually buy products.

Prior to this, Magento deployed Amazon Pay in 2017 to enable customers to pay for their purchases using the credentials stored in their Amazon account. It soon became a preferred mode of payment among buyers. The instant checkout feature on Magento that helps in keeping those vexing information pages at bay by auto-selecting the saved billing address, payment method, etc., was followed by the end of Amazon’s patent of ‘one-click-checkout’, later that year.

With the growth rates in Europe also on a steep surge, it is quite clear that Magento is in no mood of slowing down. Your custom Magento web development venture would only multiply in terms of profitably and surpass the desired results.

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