Magento: A Powerful Platform For B2B eCommerce

magento b2b ecommerce platform

With an increasing number of B2B buyers shifting to eCommerce sites to purchase products and services, this industry segment is slated to grow at a phenomenal pace. This trend is further corroborated by a Forrester report that predicts US B2B eCommerce to hit $1.8 trillion by 2023.

The reason whole-sellers, manufacturers, and distributors are inclined to leverage eCommerce is that today’s B2B buyers demand the same quality of buying experience as enjoyed by B2C customers. Having said that, one cannot ignore the difficulties of replicating the B2C model into a B2B eCommerce website. First of all, you have to find a versatile platform that can accommodate multiple payment gateways, mobile-friendly interface, and seamless integration of third-party extensions.

Fortunately, Magento as an eCommerce platform offers all attributes that enable you to make a dynamic B2B website. Your next requirement is a team of experienced Magento eCommerce developers that can leverage the platform to develop a customized solution for you. While hiring and maintaining such a team can cost you a fortune, availing Magento web development services of a reputed service provider is a smart and cost-effective way to expand your B2B venture into the eCommerce arena. That said, you must be wondering, what features of Magento make it an ideal platform to develop a B2B eCommerce website. Let’s find out:

Designed For A Seamless Shopping Experience

design magento platform for a seamless shopping experince

Magento is an eCommerce platform that has been designed to make order management simple and easy. Online customers simply have to enter an SKU to reach the product they are looking for. The Magento eCommerce features also enable them to buy by choosing items from a pre-set requisition list. The backend of the platform is flexible enough to allow your sales team to work on order processing in real-time. They can respond to online quote requests quickly and efficiently.

As an increasing number of B2B buyers are now inclined to buy products on their mobile devices, your online store should give a seamless shopping experience to them. Fortunately, Magento is one platform that does not let you down on this aspect. In fact, the platform’s core strength lies in creating personalized shopping experiences for your customers.

Offers Hassle-Free Integration

get a reliable and hassle-free magento integration system

When it comes to integrating your existing backend with an eCommerce platform, the options available are limited and are often very expensive. But with Magento, you get a reliable and hassle-free integration system. The platform offers high-performance experiences at a cost-effective price. In addition, you do not have to worry about maintenance fees as the platform comes fully loaded with robust APIs. Also, there are a whole lot of extensions available in the market that you can leverage to customize your store.

Intuitive Order And Account Management Tools

magento intuitive order processing tools

Magento provides businesses and eCommerce developers with intuitive order processing tools. These tools can easily be integrated with your inventory to give customers real-time information about the availability of products. By leveraging these functionalities you can effectively manage your supply chain and optimize your fulfillment costs and delivery schedules. On the account management front, Magento 2, in particular, proves to be of great help to both developers as well as merchants. The self-service tool of Magento enables B2B merchants to exercise more control over their accounts and associated users. Similarly, the web-store administrator tool gives you the ability to categorize and organize customer information. With this functionality, you can import and export customer data and even assign sales representatives to individual customer accounts.

Everything that your B2B store needs is covered by Magento. To create a new website in Magento, you need an eCommerce development company that is reliable and has a proven track record of delivering customized solutions. Magnomates is one such service provider that can create exceptional eCommerce solutions that drive growth, more business and maximize conversions. For more information on our Magento development services, drop a line at

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