Is Your Magento Store Optimized For Mobile Conversions? Here’s All You Need To Know!

Magento store development

Smartphones play an important role in online sales. Over the last couple of years, the rate of conversion via smartphones has improved. However, there’s a lot that still needs to be achieved and we are still pretty far from mending the mobile revenue gap.

The mobile traffic is continuously rising but sadly mobile conversions are struggling to match the pace. In fact, somewhat around 80% of mobile shoppers tend to abandon their shopping carts before the final checkout process. The probable reason for this disparity is that we still haven’t optimized our stores to aptly prioritize shopping, checkout and payment flow. Another hypothesis is, there is a certain bias among the online shoppers, preventing customers from shopping via their phones. This friction between online shoppers and stores is a challenge to any website owner planning to improve mobile conversions and increase their Revenue Per Visitor (RPV).

How To Ensure Your Site Is Mobile Optimized?

Well, it’s high time you asked this.

But before we go and see a few tips and tricks that you should keep in mind while choosing eCommerce development services, let’s overview a few basics of mobile sites.

There is a lot of confusion surrounding mobile experience. To ensure a proper dissection of this topic, let’s understand the main difference between mobile friendly, mobile optimized, and responsive design.

Magento eCommerce development

Mobile Friendly

Mobile friendly websites are the ones that are displayed befittingly on various devices such as desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet. A mobile-friendly website is a bare minimum for every eCommerce store today. It is a must-have as Google also gives preference to such websites. But when it comes to user-friendliness, it doesn’t really meet the expectations. This is where mobile optimization comes into the picture.

Mobile Optimized

Mobile optimization basically revolves around a website that will reformat all of its content to accommodate various tablets or handheld devices. It is much more than a miniature version of the desktop site. The main motive of a mobile-optimized website is to deliver a smooth mobile experience. This is the reason, such websites appear with reformatted content, bold navigation buttons and images with different dimensions.

Responsive Design

Responsive design in a way overcomes the limitations of mobile-friendly and mobile-optimized websites. Responsive websites are designed in such a way, so as to deliver a clear and easily understandable content on any device. Such a website automatically adjusts all the content and structure of the site according to the device’s screen size. Responsive websites are the only sure shot way to ensure a flawless user-experience to the users on any device.

In The End, It Comes Down To Reducing Friction

Friction occurs when there are obstacles hindering a smooth flow between browsing and purchasing. This leads to a lower RPV, eventually affecting your sales. So here are 3 things to help reduce the friction and ensure a better rate of conversion.

How To Improve Conversions

Load Time

People neither have time nor patience to wait for your website to load completely. Shoppers need a quick and dynamic experience. The moment your website takes more than a few seconds to load, they won’t hesitate to move to another site.

The best way to improve your site load time is to perform A/B testing for various implementations. You can also include some important features such as credit card auto detect, include a security lock to the checkout CTA or add a PayPal Express/Credit across the checkout process. Always perform proper testing to confirm efficient working and see how it can help in better conversions.

Image Size

Heavy images can slow down your site and increase the page load speed. You need to tread cautiously as you would want images that are large enough to ensure a clear view, but small enough so as to have a slight impact on the page load speed.

You can choose to decrease the size of images or get rid of unnecessary metadata via image compression. Both of these methods will greatly improve load time, which will obviously lead to an improved mobile experience. However, while reducing the size of images, make sure they don’t come out pixelated.


You need to understand the audience and know what they prefer. Shoppers, especially millennials prefer SMS driven transactions over e-mails. You can install a plugin, while undertaking Magento store development, to allow the shoppers to choose either e-mail or phone number as their primary method of communication. Enabling to login via an SMS can give your business a head start with an audience that enjoys a customized shopping experience.

Wrap Up

User-experience is the focal point around which the growth of your store revolves. This is the reason why offering a flawless shopping experience with minimum friction is essential for the success of your website. Although the strategies would obviously vary from business to business, these are a few of the effective methods that can help you get a little closer to extending a seamless mobile experience. Even Magento community is doing everything in its capability to close the mobile gap. Its Mobile Optimization Initiative is targeted at helping the merchants understand and reduce the mCommerce gap. So, make sure you keep these tips in mind when you choose Magento eCommerce development services. After all, if numbers are to be believed, the mobile experience is going to be a vital component of a successful business model.

Make The Right Choice!

For the right things to happen, you must take the right steps. The best way to ensure your site has minimum friction, offers a smooth user experience and has a high rate of conversion is to connect with the experts. To begin with, you can go for a free consultation with Magnomates. Simply drop an email to to get the ball rolling.

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