Incredible features of Magento 2 as a driving force for your e-shop

Magento 2 development services

With the rise of Magento 2, the face of eCommerce web development is changing rapidly. Businesses are now widely seeking features like omni-channel engagement and faster check out options. Even if your online store is perfectly on song and you are doing well, you should seek constant improvement and stability. In that context exploring Magento 2 development services for your eCommerce store is a good idea to avert any compromising market position. Magento 2 brings an assortment of elegant features on board that improve the scope of existing functionalities of its previous versions.

Let’s take a look at the striking features of Magento 2:

  • Responsive by default

    Magento 2 has an inbuilt CSS pre-processing mechanism, that removes dependence on Bootstrap to create responsive sites. Your e-shop will be mobile responsive by default and ready to fit all the standard form factors.

  • Powerful UI library

    Magento 2 comes with an inbuilt library for your eCommerce website UI. You can hire certified Magento developers to put together dynamic UIs for your eCommerce shop through code manipulation. A variety of UI elements like layouts, forms, ratings and pop-ups can be easily customized.

  • Enhanced admin panel

    Managing the admin module is quite easy now with an improved UI. It is no longer a stiff affair to sort out your regular admin chores with Magento 2. You can also easily customize the appearance of your admin panel.

  • Migration tool

    If your eCommerce site is running an older version Magento you can smoothly upgrade to Magento 2 with all your customized settings, configurations and product data intact. With aid of the migration tool, transforming to Magento 2 is a hassle free task. You can easily have your e-store upgraded with Magento 2 development services.

  • Improved testing

    The testing module features several changes in comparison to previous versions of Magento. Magento 2 has its own testing framework which helps the development process become more straightforward. It makes use of testable code only, making debugging easier.

  • Swift check-out process

    Magento 2 manifests a simpler and faster check out process as compared to its previous versions. It treats any check out like a guest check out so you can purchase without having to log in. The billing information process has also been optimized, with features like instant delivery cost calculation and detailed order summary block.

    Now you can easily assess how these amazing Magento 2 features can enliven your e-shop performance.

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