How to Improve Magento Site Performance (2018 Edition)

Magento Site Performance

As an eCommerce seller, you might be doing fairly well- achieving your sales target month after month. If you feel there is nothing to worry about, you need to think again! In the highly turbulent eCommerce surroundings, you have to strive continuously so that you don’t lose out your position to your competitors.

Improving your performance is not as easy as it seems. Magento performance audit can help in identifying key areas in which your website needs improvement. If you are not quick in pointing out these weaknesses, your low cart abandonment rate might not take long to shoot up substantially.

For improving your Magento site performance, adhering to the following tactics can help you in enhancing your user-experience (in terms of smooth site functioning).

1. Why flicker and finally die out when you can update to the latest version?
If you often face the dilemma of whether to upgrade to the latest version of Magento or stick to the one you are using, you should prefer using the latest version as it contains several bug fixes and performance improvements over its predecessor.

2. Image optimization is the key
Good quality images play an indispensable role in keeping the trust of buyers intact. However, if not paid proper attention to, they can act as one of the biggest roadblocks in the hassle-free functioning of your site. Decreasing the download time of your images (by optimizing them) can enhance the speed of your pages immensely.

3. Excess of everything is bad and so is the case with extensions
Extensions help in adding functionality to your store. However, too many extensions can hinder the smooth performance of your site. To avoid this, remove any unnecessary extension.

4. Enable Flat catalog because… the simpler, the better
Making use of flat catalog helps in responding faster to My SQL queries. It facilitates merging product data into a table so that information is extracted from a single source namely a table, instead of a number of places.

5. Clean up database to cut the clutter
Reducing the number of days for which Magento database is stored can help in bringing down the amount of unnecessary data that gets stored. This can help in giving a boost to your Magento site performance. By default, data gets stored for 180 days.

6. Say hello to Content Delivery Network (CDN)
Serving your digital assets from multiple locations can significantly reduce page load time. This measure gives the most instantaneous results in terms of reducing the time your buying prospects have to wait for a page to load.

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