Here’s A Quick Guide To Enable URL Rewrite in Magento 2

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For a store merchant, regular traffic is the key to run a successful eCommerce store. The higher your website ranks in SERPs, the more your chances of drawing traffic to your store, which in turn, will generate more leads, sales, and ROI.

URL rewrite is one of the common practices used today to optimize the presence of a website in organic search results. In other words, it is a contemporary practice to make existing URLs of a website “SEO- friendly” and easier for humans to read. Optimized URLs are not only easier to remember, but also improve the navigation of an online store.

If you have recently started your Magento 2 store or migrated from Magento 1 to Magento 2, you can go through this quick tutorial to learn how to enable URL rewrite in Magento 2. Let’s get started.

To enable URL rewrite, you need to log in your Magento admin panel and then navigate to Stores → Configuration:

Mageto Store Catalog

On clicking Configuration, you’ll see the ‘Web’ under the GENERAL tab; click on it:

Magento Configuration Option

On clicking the ‘Web’ section, you’ll find see multiple sections as shown in the image below:

magento url rewrite web section

Now, click on the ‘Search Engine Optimization’ to unfold the drop-down menu. Find the ‘Use Web Server Rewrites’ option.

Magento Search Engine Optimization Option

Select ‘Yes’ to this option from drop down.

Magento Web Server Rewrite

Now, click on the ‘Save Config’ button located at the top right corner and you’re done!

Magento 2 Save Configuration

Wrapping Up

Hope you find this tutorial helpful. However, if you are not technically sound, we suggest you hire Magento 2 experts from Magnomates to enable URL rewrite in your Magento store. At Magnomates, we provide all-inclusive Magento services including theme development, extension development, custom module development, Magento upgrade services, and more. Connect with our certified experts. Drop an email to

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