Drive Your Magento Store to the Next Level with Magento Upgrade Services

Magento Upgrade Services

Magento has long been a top favourite among eCommerce sellers for tapping the potential of eCommerce. Making use of the platform for powering your eCommerce store is not enough. To continue to operate successfully in the highly competitive online space, you have to constantly strive to enhance your customer experience and ease back-end tasks.

In order to keep your customers gripped, you should render an improved site experience. Magento upgrade services help in doing precisely that. By keeping your eCommerce store updated to the latest version you can deal with the glitches in the existing one.

A fast site goes a long way…

Site speed is the foremost thing that casts an impression about your site. A site that takes too long to load gets abandoned by buyers in no time. Magento 2.x makes your storefront much faster due to added SQL media query optimization. Not only this, it makes product management and list saving, much faster.

Magento Load Speed

Source: Kissmetrics

What’s new in Magento 2.2?

The new version offers a host of new features that help in taking its functionality to the next level.

Quotation engine
You might be losing on a good number of customers because of several doubts in their mind. This feature facilitates communication between you and your buyer before they place any order. In this way, you can chide away any doubts and build trust for your business. By availing help from Magento upgrade services experts, you can create long-term value for your business.

Custom pricing
Certain buyers might leave your store without buying anything as the price of the product might be higher than their budget. However, if you ask a low price for your products, you will not be able to earn considerable profits. In order to maintain a balance between earning profit and acquiring a larger market, differential pricing can be the best solution for you. With the help of this feature, you can create different price-list for different customers yet make a default price list visible to all the visitors.

Credit limit
Instead of making payment at the time of purchase, your customers can pay on account. In other words, you can avail credit and make payment at a later stage as they would get linked to an account.

You can take the help of a magento development company to reap the benefits of these features.

Key Improvements

Safety of buyer credentials and ease of shopping
The ease of making payments can help in enhancing your user experience. Buyers don’t want to spend time in making payment by entering credentials at the time of each purchase. Even if they don’t have to re-enter the information, they have concerns regarding the security of their sensitive details like credit card number, address, etc. With additions for PayPal functionality, the data provided by them is safe.

By taking the help of Magento upgrade services, you can empower your buyers.. They can save their information without worrying for its safety. This helps in enhancing their shopping experience.

Security updates
In order to deal with vulnerabilities and security risks, it is recommended by a Magento development company to update to the latest version. Each new version comes as a security improvement over its former one. The 2.1 version has security enhancements that help in effectively dealing with online security risks.

Improved Design fluidity and SEO
With the latest version, Implementations become easy. In addition to more flexibility in terms of design, there are numerous benefits in terms of SEO.

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