Custom Magento Extension Development: The Winning Formula for Your eCommerce Store

Custom Magento Extension Development

Owning an eCommerce store is not an achievement to boast of. With a rapid increase in the number of online sellers, making your store stand out is the real challenge. For powering eCommerce stores, Magento is undoubtedly a top choice among developers. One of the main reasons for the acclaimed stature of the platform is – CUSTOMIZABILITY.

Organizations have different needs depending on their industry, scale and other such factors. Custom Magento extension development helps you add functionality to your store across realms. You can automate a wide array of activities and save a good deal of time in carrying out complex tasks. In this way you can actually cater to the needs of your business instead of relying on a framework that doesn’t offer much scope for the same.

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Top Extensions you should consider using in 2018

From business end, extensions help in simplifying activities. However, since organizations operate with the prime motive of earning profit, customers should be the central point of all your decisions. The following extensions help in adding to the ease of customers-

1. Product label- You might want certain products like the ones that are new, discounted or best- selling to stand out in comparison to others. Making use of colourful badges for marking these products fetches immediate attention from the visitors and induces them to buy. With the help of this extension, selected products can be made more noticeable.

2. One-step checkout- By considerably decreasing a hefty number of pages that a buyer has to go through (after choosing a product), you can boost your sales figures. You can do this with the help of custom Magento development.

3. Social login- You can enhance your chances of securing sales by eliminating the nagging ‘create your account’ step where buyers have to fill all their credentials so that they can proceed with the purchase. With this extension, buyers can login instantly using their social accounts.

4. Customers also viewed- By exhibiting products that are closely related to the ones that the visitor is viewing, you not only create a personalised experience but enhance the chances of increasing the customer’s cart value.

5. Out of stock notification- You should keep buffer stock to ensure that your products don’t go out of stock. If ever they do, you lose a customer who has landed on that page. With the ‘Out of Stock’ notification, you can get back to the buyer once the product is back in stock. In this way, custom Magento development can retrieve a customer you would have lost otherwise.

6. FAQs- Doubts regarding the delivery of your product or exchange policy may act as a roadblock in boosting your sales figures. You can chide away such doubts by answering common questions that pop-up in the mind of buyers. By doing this, you can positively shape their purchase decision in your favour.

By developing extensions for your store, you can open doors for a host of new opportunities. In order to have a competitive edge over your rivals, you should render a customer-friendly experience. Extensions help you in accomplishing this and a lot more.

Magentio can help you in help in turning your eCommerce store into a powerful selling engine! For knowing how we leverage custom Magento extension development in doing so, feel free to write to us at

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