5 Must-Have Magento 2 Extensions For 2020

Top 5 Magento extensions must have in 2020

Once you have set up your Magento store and started gaining traction, it’s time to scale up your business by upgrading the features and functionalities of your store. At this moment, you may have to spend hours researching the best Magento extensions that not only extend the functionality of your store but also offer a smooth online shopping experience. To absolve you of that effort, we’ve done that time-intensive research work and discovered 5 Magento 2 extensions that will help you Skyrock your traffic and sales in 2020. So, without further ado, let’s quickly look at them.

1. Blog Integration Extension

Magento 2 extension for integrating WordPress with Magento

Blogging has become an indispensable marketing tool and nobody can deny this fact these days. Without a blog, you are missing out on:

  • Companies that do blogging drive 55% more visitors, 97% more inbound links, and 434% more indexed pages (Source – HubSpot).
  • 57% of marketers admit that they have gained customers through blogging.
  • Companies that blog regularly generate 67% more leads per month than those that don’t (Source – Demandmetric).
  • Marketers are 13x more likely to see a positive ROI if they prioritize their blogging efforts.
  • 77% of netizens read blogs on a regular basis.

Despite the dramatic rise of blogging in the last few years, many eCommerce store merchants don’t pay heed to it. What’s more concerning is that Magento 2 doesn’t come with an in-built blogging feature. Fortunately, there are many extensions offered by eCommerce development services providers that allow merchants to integrate a Magento store with WordPress (the king of all blogging platforms).

Benefits of Integrating WordPress with Magento:

  • Improve the presence of your eCommerce store in organic search results of Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
  • Open new avenues of communication. Now, prospective buyers can interact with your brand through blog commenting.
  • You don’t just sell products or services anymore. In fact, you have the opportunity to produce meaningful content in the form of listicles, long-form blog posts, articles, etc. and engage your customers so that they keep coming back to your site.
  • Share components or features from Magento to WordPress or vice versa.
  • Channel visitors from blog posts to shopping cart by placing your Magento store URLs on images and text. In short, creating a smooth blog-to-cart user experience.
  • More effective marketing of fresh arrivals, hot selling products, clearance sale, end of year sale (EOSS), and much more.

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2. One Step Checkout Extension

Magento 2 extension for the smooth checkout process

If you are losing conversions due to the lengthy checkout process, we’ve got good news for you. With one step checkout extension, you can reduce the cart abandonment rate by 75% and let your customers checkout much faster. This Magento 2 extension makes the checkout process simpler by cutting down the complicated checkout process.

Benefits of One Step Checkout Extension:

  • Smooth checkout process
  • Mobile checkout optimization
  • Google address auto-suggestion
  • Auto-detect customers location
  • Increase the speed of checkout
  • Auto-update order information
  • Enhance user experience
  • Checkout fields customization
  • Support multiple payment methods & payment gateways

3. Social Login Extension

Allow customers to log-in or register on Magento 2 store through social media profiles

Another popular Magento 2 extension that can accelerate the ROI of your eCommerce store is a social login. This popular yet useful extension allows your customers to log in or register to your Magento store using their social networking profiles like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Pinterest, and so on. In other words, this Magento 2 extension eliminates the complicated registration process and provides a smooth sign up process to your customers.

Benefits of Social Login Magento 2 Extension:

  • Simplify account registration and login process
  • Increase the signup rate by up to 30%
  • Support various social networking channels
  • Compatible with Google reCAPTCHA, Magento 2 GDPR
  • Redirect after login
  • Compatible with any Magento theme
  • Customized and responsive design

4 Multi-Vendor Marketplace Extension

Multi-vendor marketplace to allow unlimited vendors to sell on your Magento store

Just like Amazon, eBay or Etsy, you can allow multiple vendors to sell online without investing thousands of dollars in eCommerce store development. With this Magento 2 extension, sellers can manage everything from inventory to product listings, orders, sales, shipments, invoices, credit memos, and other indispensable activities by using the seller control panel.

Benefits of Multi-Vendor Marketplace Extension:

  • Allow unlimited vendors to sell on your Magento store
  • Create a smart storefront for every seller
  • Provide sellers an interactive dashboard with all requisite data
  • Store admin can set up flexible commission charges
  • Vendors can add cross-sell products, up-sell products, and related products
  • Store admin can auto-approve product listings or manually approve them
  • Sellers can edit the URL of their shop, product page, review page, and more

5 SEO Suite Extension

Magento 2 SEO Suite extension for all SEO needs

This may be the last Magento 2 extension in our list but not the least that you should own for your eCommerce store. It is a sure-fire solution to improve your Magento store’s organic presence in search results and grow your bottom line. By installing this extension, you can optimize the meta titles, meta description and meta tags of all product pages, category pages, and blog posts. It is also helpful in fixing duplicate content issues, creating redirects, and improving internal linking.

Benefits of SEO Suite Extension:

  • Improve store crawling and indexation
  • Optimize site URLs and metadata
  • Build an organized website architecture
  • Support advanced rich snippets
  • Hreflang tags support
  • SEO for layered navigation pages
  • HTML sitemaps/ XML sitemaps
  • Advanced Breadcrumbs
  • Create alt tags for all product images
  • Allow paging optimization
  • Backed by a complete set of SEO tools


When it comes to Magento 2 extensions, you’ll be spoilt for choice. However, the real challenge is to find the one that is designed to meet all your needs. If you are unable to find an extension with all the features and functionalities that you’re looking for, you can go for custom Magento extension development from an eCommerce development services provider. Get in touch with industry experts by simply dropping a line or two to info@magnomates.com

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