Adobe Acquires Magento: Will eCommerce be the same?

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When we talk about Adobe’s acquisition of Magento, the first question that comes to mind is how exactly will Adobe shape the future of Magento and the eCommerce industry overall ? Some are curious whether the role of Magento web developers would change to any extent, while others are wondering whether things will continue without much reform.

Here are some assumptions that we can derive from this high profile purchase:

Digital publishing + eCommerce = Interactive eCommerce

Adobe is known for its interactive content publishing tools especially in the domain of digital publishing, but one cannot simply brush off the importance of interactivity in the eCommerce sector. In essence buying and selling is more or less an interaction, and anything that consoles for the lack of the physical element of online shopping, might as well be considered to use in the particular domain, after testing its feasibility.

If Adobe is able to set new precedents for Magento website development and give the platform the powerful touch of interactivity, we can expect the eCommerce industry to see a significant transformation.

The perfect pretext to introduce a newer technology in the eCommerce industry

Adobe can innovate no-holds barred with its aqcuisition, it may be a relatively new direction to venture in, but businesses have been patiently waiting for the arrival of eCommerce 2.0, an industry driven by futuristic technologies like AR and VR. With Adobe in the driving seat, Magento as an eCommerce platform has now sufficient momentum to take the leap towards innovative transformation.

Adobe has already come up with an augmented reality authoring tool in form of Project Aero, it would be interesting to see when it would create one for eCommerce.

The fusion of open source and proprietary

Magento on one hand is a successful open source eCommerce website development platform, boosted by a huge community of developers responsible for creating new stuff and addressing any problems with the platform, while on the other hand Adobe has a more of a reputation as an enterprise that sells stuff. Magento’s community factor could really help Adobe seal its competencies in eCommerce web development and at the same time, open Magento developers to newer technological prospects that Adobe has been experimenting with. It seems to be a balanced mix of each organization’s strength.

The only thing that needs to be watched out is whether there will be any rough edges to be rubbed off, considering the radically different backgrounds of the two companies. It would be interesting to see how Adobe would deal with any possible conflicts and disharmony that may rise as a consequence.

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