8 Tips To Improve Your Magento Store Security

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Frankly speaking, wherever there are shops, there are burglars; and eCommerce industry is no exception. It has got a fair share of crooks who are always spying or prowling to find out the loopholes left by the store merchants through which they can wiggle in and perform malicious activities like:

  • Stealing user data
  • Phishing
  • Spamming

If your eCommerce store is also built on the Magento platform and you’re wondering how to prevent these cyber crooks from accessing your admin panel, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we will discuss some of the best practices that every website administrator should religiously follow to keep their store safe and protected.

Tips to strengthen your Magento store security

Upgrade to the latest Magento version

latest Magento version

As a store merchant, it is your responsibility to watch out for the latest version and upgrade to the same, once a stable release is out. This will help you to keep your eCommerce store protected against online threats and breaches.

A couple of months back, Magento 2.3.0 was released that brought a host of new features, security updates, and other performance enhancement updates. If you have still not migrated to Magento 2.3.0 version and using Magento 2.2 or its predecessors, we suggest you upgrade your store today by hiring an experienced and reliable Magento development company. Besides upgrading to the latest version, Magento also releases security patches at a good pace. It is vital that you install these security patch files as soon as they’re available, since they can help you combat against the latest security threats.

Choose a strong admin name and password

To prevent unauthorized access to your Magento store, you should pay close attention when creating an admin name and password. You should come up with a unique admin name and a complicated password that potential online hackers find it tough to crack. While devising a password, you should always make sure:

  • Your password bears a minimum of 10 letters
  • Has a mix of upper and lower case letters
  • Contains numeric and special characters (like ?, *, %, @, >, etc.)
  • Should be different from the rest of other passwords
  • Your organization’s name or your name is not used as a password

Add Magento reCAPTCHA

Magento reCAPTCHA

When it comes to strengthening the security, you can’t afford to ignore adding Google reCAPTCHA to your Magento store. It is helpful in protecting your store’s backend by adding an additional layer of security. In other words, Google reCAPTCHA determines whether a user who is attempting to access your store is a human or a bot, and it it is not a human, it will not proceed further.

Introduce two-step verification

two-step verification
By introducing two-factor authentication (TFA), you can strengthen the security of your Magento store against unauthorized logins and fraudsters. In the two-factor authentication process, additional security information will be required to access the Magento admin panel. Besides the username and the password, a security code (OTP) will also be required to gain the access of the Magento backend. This process will discourage the hackers as they won’t be able to log in despite stealing the login credentials.

Protect your customers’ information using an SSL layer


Always remember that eCommerce stores not having an SSL layer are more vulnerable to cyber attacks. The data sent across unencrypted connections can be easily found and stolen by the hackers. If you have not incorporated an SSL layer on your Magento store, there is a big possibility that your customers’ sensitive information like credit card details, internet banking password, login credentials, and other critical details is at stake. To overcome this issue, it’s wise to buy an SSL certificate from a reliable authority and then configure it on your Magento store by simply checking the option “Use Secure URLs” in the system configuration menu.

Have an active backup plan of your Magento store

backup plan

Though it’s highly commendable that you take strict measures to protect your Magento store, it is also imperative that you have an active backup plan to ensure the continuity of your services in case your website gets crashed suddenly. Taking a regular backup of your files by downloading them off-site or through an online backup provider can help you prevent data loss. Besides an active backup plan, you should also look for Magento maintenance and support services from the experts to keep your website up and running round the clock.

Invest in a good hosting plan

hosting plan

Shared hosting may seem alluring to many store merchants but if you go with a shared hosting plan, it simply means that you are compromising with the security of your Magento store. It’s wise to choose a dedicated hosting plan in which you’ll get a server that’s exclusive to your Magento store and can easily handle a sudden spike in your traffic.

Install only reliable Magento extensions

Magento extensions

To augment the functionality of a Magento store, many store merchants download and install third-party extensions to their website. However, many times developers add a malicious code in the extension with an intent to steal your business data. Thus, it becomes important that you carefully analyze the third-party extension before installing it to your store. You should do a little research regarding the reputation, track record, and customer reviews of that particular extension. Choose the one, which is developed by a reputed source, gets regularly updated and maintained, and has an excellent track record.

Final Words

Always keep in mind that customers love to shop from an eCommerce store, which is safe and secure. In an era, where customers rule the eCommerce game, ignoring the security aspect of your Magento store could impact your sales and profits badly. If you follow the tips mentioned above, it would become easier for you to strengthen your Magento store security. If you face any difficulty in implementing any of the strategies, you can seek a free consultation from our certified experts. Connect with them by dropping an email to info@magnomates.com

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