6 Little Known Benefits of Magento Custom Module Development

magento custom module development

Magento is a popular e-commerce store development platform, both among the developers and online merchants. Being an open-source e-commerce content management systems (CMS), Magento offers a complete flexibility to online merchants by allowing them to customize the platform’s basic functionality as per their unique business requirement. Through Magento custom module development, online merchants can improve the existing features of their store, or even create new ones from scratch. Without further ado, let’s take a quick look at the benefits offered by custom Magento modules.

1. Magento Search Extension

With this extension, your website visitors can easily find what they are looking for without struggling through multiple categories and products. Also, you can give suggestions to the related items that they may not have even thought of. A smart search extension offers feature such as “Frequently Bought Together” that shows your customers the products that are related to what they are planning to buy.

2. Magento Shipping Module

Though some Magento editions come with pre-installed shipping modules, however, they doesn’t support all the major carriers. To provide your customers with a delightful shipping experience, you can go for custom shipping module development. With a custom module, you can provide universal carrier support along with attractive features like shipping discounts based on your shopper’s past purchases, or other criteria.

3. Magento Payment Module

Payment gateways play a significant role in the e-commerce transaction, authorizing a secured payment between a customer and a merchant. With custom Magento payment module, you can add a wide array of payment options on your e-commerce store.

Note: The certified developers at Magnomates can create a custom payment module with features such as multi-currency support, discounts and more to help meet your business goals.

4. Magento Checkout Module

The basic checkout process of an e-commerce site can be annoying, forcing customers to move through several pages and fill out unnecessary information. However, you can overcome all these issues and ease the checkout process with a custom checkout module. An advanced custom checkout module facilitate your customers with features such as guest checkout and single-page checkout.

5. Blog Extension

If you want to thrive in the e-commerce space, you must leverage the power of blogging. Regularly posting product reviews, expert advice, updates, and the latest news will not only add legitimacy to your online business but also drive a significant amount of traffic to your site. Adding a blog extension to your e-commerce store allows your visitors to share their opinions and thoughts with you in the form of comments, which in turn improve the SEO of your site.

6. SEO Extension

Magento’s built-in SEO features won’t be that much effective in driving traffic to your site and improving the search engine rankings. However, when you add a custom SEO extension on your site, the online presence of your e-commerce site will improve significantly.

How Magnomates Fits Into This Picture

At Magnomates, we have certified developers who have rich experience in Magento custom module development. Our developers can develop any of these modules and seamlessly integrate it on your store. Connect with our experts today. Drop us an email at info@magnomates.com

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  1. Really helpful, well-structured article on Magento custom module development. I would like to add one more useful extension to this list and that is Magento language translation extension. This extension allows you to translate your blog content into other languages.

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