5 Tips to Consider for Effective Custom Magento Theme Development

Custom Magento Theme Development

When users visit an eCommerce platform, they typically have a strong buying intent. A little effort from your side to enhance the convenience of these prospective buyers can considerably boost your sales figures. When a buying prospect lands on your store, your store design catches their attention before anything else. A visually appealing theme in line with the products that you sell can serve as the first step towards securing sale.

Custom Magento theme development helps in reflecting your store the way you want it to be. Your store can act as fresh air among a large number of competitors who have similar themes. The theme of your store is not only important in terms of attracting visitors but it plays numerous other important functions in terms of page load time, site performance, etc.

For choosing the most suitable theme for your store, you can take the help of Magento theme development company. While choosing a theme, the following parameters should guide your decision making-

1. Browser compatibility- Customers might access your Magento store using multiple browsers. It is important to ensure that the theme you are planning to implement works effortlessly in all major browsers.

2. Responsiveness- In order to get good mobile search rankings, it is important that your theme adjusts itself to provide a uniform user-experience across devices. In case this doesn’t happen, you are missing out on a considerable number of potential buyers.

3. Multi- language Support- Keeping the growth potential of your business in mind, opting for a theme that supports a large number of languages is a must since your consumers might be spread across different regions.

4. SEO-friendly- No matter how good your website and the quality of your products are, if your store is not visible to potential buyers, everything goes in vain. You might employ several SEO tactics however, the importance of a clean and organized HTML/CSS code cannot be undermined. It facilitates web crawlers to see your sites.

5. Based on latest technology- In order to stay hand in hand with technological advancement, latest technologies should form the core of your themes. This helps in complying with the industry standards and staying in par with your competitors.

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